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 Looking for vinyl gates, sunshades, porch railing, or fencing? Southwest VINYL is sure to meet your needs.  SW VINYL brings a professional and friendly face to the vinyl industry.

 For more than 60 years, exterior vinyl has grown in popularity across the country due to its long-term durability, beauty & convenience. SW VINYL is New Mexico's ONLY Transferable Lifetime Vinyl Fabricator of "low to no-maintenance" vinyl fencing, wall extensions, cinderblock toppers, pergolas, gates, sunshades, arbors, ramadas, and porch rails.

Special Offer - 500 Off
6' privacy discount if 100ft+ installed. Ask estimator

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Our Recent TV & Video Spots:
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How to adjust your gate (video from exchange partner)

Ranch Rail - 2, 3, 4, & 5 rail style:

 Boring to Beautiful with a Custom Block Topper:

 2-Tone Privacy White Frame w/Sandstone Body:

"Adobe and Weathered Cedar" Cinderblock Topper:Block Topper

 Scallop w/Convex Style 1"x2" Pickets:

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