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Southwest Vinyl 'Makeovers'

Of all the home improvement possibilities, outside fencing can provide the greatest return on your investment. Typically, standard fencing materials like wood, plastic, metal, or block, don't affect appraised values any more than what they cost--oftentimes even less.

However, it is not uncommon for high-value improvements such as lifetime windows, roofs, and fencing to appraise higher than their original cost (even more so if there is a transferable lifetime warranty). This can happen to an existing product with recognized longevity/durability when the price of "new" is rising rapidly.

As can be observed in some of the photos below, many homeowners report that vinyl fencing is the single, most impactful investment they've ever made.


Before and After


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Before: Termite-infested eyesore

After: Beautiful, custom-made solution

Before: Ugly old block

After: Completely covered block wall

Before: In the running for worst 'Before' pic? (avg ABQ cost to professionally replace this 6' high, 3-rail cedar wood is $1608)

After: Best Makeover? (for $1000 more than installed wood, this customer now has 2-tone color & deco top vinyl)

Before: Minimal curb appeal

After: You be the judge of curb appeal

Before: Eyesore with splinters

After: Elegant 2-tone w/small lattice

Before: Hmmm..replace 45' of dispos-able cinderblock with block for $2000?

After: Or, install decorative lifetime vinyl for less & never have to replace it?

Before: Short block wall w/tree problem

After: Solved and able to keep tree/wall

Before: Wood fences in desert climates do not last long...

After: SW Vinyl fences are made FOR desert conditions (cost to replace 6 panels shown here was $400 more than the wood quote they received)

Before: Neighbors used to describe it as, "The eyesore down the street"

After: They now describe it as, "The most beautiful house in the neighborhood"

Before: Worm-eaten wood between condos

After: Beautiful fencing that will far outlast the condo association

Before: Moriarty Before

After: Moriarty After

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