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Southwest Vinyl's Picket Fence

Few things add to the beauty and warmth of a home like Southwest Vinyl's Picket Fencing. Choose from many tasteful selections of straight-top picket fence, in wide or narrow configurations, to elegant scallop-top picket styles. No matter the style, you're assured years of durable performance and maintenance-free satisfaction.

Picket Fence


Southwest Vinyl's picket fence is 'Neighbor Friendly' fence - meaning it looks equally great from either side
Pyramid picket caps

3' Open w/1.5"sq pyramid picket caps

Scalloped pickets

5' Scalloped 1 1/2"sq pickets

Scallop Spade privacy

6' privacy transition to 4.5' scallop spade

Spade top picket fence

2 1/2 ft open, 1"x3" spade-top pickets

Dog ear Open top fence

5' Khaki, open-top, straight w/dog ear

Scallop dog ear picket

3' Scallop w/dog ear pickets on slope

Spade picket

4' Open, Straight, w/1"x3" Spade Pickets

Straight corner step

4' Open, Straight, w/corner step

Open spade picket

4' Open, Straight, w/1"x3" Spade Pickets

Open picket square

3' Open Straight w/1"x1" square picket

Closed picket

4 1/2' high "Closed Picket" style'

Closed top 3 inch picket

Vinyl interlock fence

Durable, lifetime vinyl interlocks. It is not held together with brackets, screws, or glue

White Vinyl Picket

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