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"Defining Your Space"

Southwest’s durable vinyl fence comes in a wide variety of privacy fence styles and colors. Even your neighbors will love it because our fences look equally good from either side.

Privacy Fence

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1- White privacy 6ft high

2- 6ft Sierra Grain privacy

3- White body w/Country Estate tan

4- Clay body cornering with solid white

5- All beige 6' Privacy

6- Beige center w/white frame

7- Clay Certagrain 8ft privacy w/3rails (material has an actual texture to it)


9- Arctic Grain 6ft privacy (this factory makes an actual texture)

10- 8ft high, level on top, bottom stepped to conform to slope

11- 6ft Sandstone privacy installed 5 inches above ground to allow for future landscape work


12- Stepped beige 5ft & 6ft privacy attached directly to a retaining wall

Adobe Sandstone

13- Adobe color side fence cornering with a sandstone front side return

12 foot white privacy

14- 12ft high white privacy for apartment building

15- 6ft Brazilian Brown w/patterned and textured posts & rails

6 foot Brazillian Picket Top

16- 6ft Brazilian Brown w/Deco Picket Top, all extruded with a texture

5 1/2 foot Honey Grain

17- 5 1/2ft high "Honey Grain" grained pattern w/textured material

18- Adobe frame with sandstone body; Beautiful!

4foot decorative mocha

19- 4ft high decorative Mocha in a front yard (looks like a grain but it's smooth)

Mocha Vinyl

20- Mocha appears more reddish-brown from this angle on an overcast day

6 foot white privacy fence

21- Sharp and clean look of 6ft white privacy fencing

6 foot semi privacy 3/4 spacing

22- Closed-top, white, 6ft semi-privacy with 3/4" spacing

5 1/2 foot Honey Grain

23- Corner transition of attached 2 1/2 ft topper to 3 1/2 ft Removable Privacy

24- White Privacy w/Scalloped Picket Top - 5ft tall

5 foot double gate

25- Level Top on sloped ground, 5ft White Privacy w/Double Gates

two-tone slope

26- In-line transition of 2-tone to solid and bottom slope to sloped profile

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